MusicFest is a lively and eclectic evening of music with performances on four stages. What makes MusicFest so great is the participation of a variety of performers.
Join us!
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There’s an Instrument “Petting Zoo” where anyone can try out instruments,pizza and refreshments to enjoy, and t-shirts, window decals, or stickers to buy!

Best of all, we have as many as 50 performances by Watertown’s musicians, from the very youngest to professionals, running concurrently on four “stages” in our host venue, Watertown Middle School!

We welcome performers of all ages and all musical styles!

~Fundraiser to support music in the Watertown Public Schools~
Suggested donation: $8/person or $25/family

6th Annual Performance Schedule

For another example of the variety of perfomances, please see our
5th Annual Performance Schedule